Cooperation between Volvo cars and STS

Cooperation between Volvo cars and STS

“Volvo”, a famous Swedish car brand, is the safest car in the world. Volvo car enjoys a high reputation in northern Europe for its excellent quality and performance, especially in terms of safety system. Volvo car company has its own unique features.
In Hebei Province, China, STS company cooperated with Volvo car company. Volvo car company purchased a batch of Walk-in cyclic corrosion test chamber, which are the closest to the actual natural conditions in the accelerated corrosion test, simulating the conditions more commonly encountered in the natural environment, and conducting combined tests with severe conditions several times larger than the natural environment, such as salt spray, drying, humidity and normal temperature , low temperature and other environments can be tested in any sequence or separately. Therefore, Volvo cars can be put into the test chamber for all aspects of testing.

Features of the project:
-Temperature range:-70 ℃ ~180 ℃
-Humidity range: 20%~98%RH
– Panel assembly type, convenient for disassembly and transportation.
-All round test, large space

Both parties are satisfied with this cooperation and have a very happy deal. STS company hopes that it will have an opportunity to cooperate with Volvo cars again in the future and move towards a better future.

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