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Temperature Test Chamber

The Climate Test Chambers will help you to test the influence of temperature and humidity on the properties, function and lifespan of your products.

Thermal Forcing System

Thermal Forcing Change Test System could exactly localizing to test specimen materials & structure imperfections, improving quality test efficiency.

Walk-In Test Chamber

The walk-in temperature/climatic test chambers are designed by our experienced project engineers according to your test requirements.

ESS Test Chamber

ESS Test Chamber could simulate external environmental stress to test the imperfections of products, improving product yield and reducing the number of repairs.

2 Zone Thermal Shock Chamber

Our temperature shock test cabinet can realise fast temperature changes from -70 °C to 220 °C, then we could discover latent imperfections in the shortest time.

Vibration Test Cabinets

Whether vibrations are vertical or horizontal, the modular, standardized assembly can be combined with all shaker types and adapted to your test requirements.

VOC Emission Test Chamber

High accurate & affordable VOC test chamber is fully compliant with the requirements of common European, international and specific manufacturer.

Medicine Stability Chamber

Medicine Stability Testing Chamber adopting import process design and it is equipped with imported full electronic recording system, comply with the FDA.

Walk In Stability Chamber

Walk In Stability Chamber adopting import process design and it is equipped with imported full electronic recording system, comply with the FDA.


Vibration Test Chamber

Vibration test chamber is popular in auto industry and many European Customers would like.

Walk-In Rapid Temperature Change & Humidity Chamber

Walk-In Rapid Temperature Change & Humidity Chamber for Apple Company.

1000m³ Drive-In Battery-Explosion Test Chamber

We cooperated with Geely Automobile Holdings Limited for 1000m³ square drive-in battery-explosion test chamber and installed this chamber for one month.

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Ocean shipping or Air shipping to your nearest port or directly to your office according to customer requirements.

Contact us 24/7

We are willing to serve our customers 24/7 and if you ask, we respond.

Door to door installation

We have a whole team with aboard and service experiences and we install the chambers especially walk-in chambers and after-services for many countries.

Professional Engineers

We have a whole experience engineers team with more than 20 years of experience on test chambers to eliminate any interference factors during the design phase, rely on our comprehensive expertise and years of experience, and make the schemes according to customer requests.

Double U-shaped air flue design

The air-flue method of our chambers is from up and down like a double u-shape like European chambers and the air is returned from the back of the inside of the chamber, not affecting test samples density. the temperature uniformity and deviation much improved, and the system of the chamber has been improved a lot.

Fluid Simulation Research

Our engineer simulates the air flows of the chambers to design the chambers and make the test chamber temperature uniformity more accurate and reduce system power consumption and chamber size.

Customer Comments

The standard test chamber we bought originally use to run -20 degrees testing condition. STS could run to -40 degrees testing condition, and it is no problem to put 5 vacuum cleaners in and run with load.

Kyle Simon

Thanks for you and your team for a great job done in Brazil. Again I really appreciate the technical work that was done. I must admit that your devotion in order to finish on time was very impressive.

Brittany Foxx

We never thought we could buy so cool chamber from China with so cool price and the stability, uniformity and fluctuations could so good. Besides, so good team to service us and we would like to work with you prefer to Germany team and it’s happy and amazing experiecne. Thank you so much STS team.

Kristina Jones

I never thought you could find whole team to install the chamber in corona time especially very serious in Vietnam, we thank you so much to support to build so excellent chamber so that we could use them and make tests for our customers on time in corona period. You are so excellent!

Huong Duc

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