The walk-in or drive-in STS temperature/climatic test chambers are designed by our experienced sales and project engineers according to your test requirements. A standardised modular system is available in all sizes with on-site installation or basic delivery. The walk-in/drive-in chambers are outstandingly suited for testing bigger components and final products in all sectors (automotive, electronics, power, aviation, pharmaceutics and so on).



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)

Capacity L(liter)6.61115.44866
Temperature Range( °C )-70°C ~ +150°C
Humidity  Range( RH )20% ~ 95% R.H.




Machine Performance

Temperature and Relative Humidity Fluctuation±0.5℃; ±2%R.H.
Temperature and Relative Humidity Accuracy±1.0℃; ±3%R.H.
Display AccuracyT: 0.01℃; ±0.1%R.H.
Heating Time (min)30min
Cooling Time (mins)-40℃/50min;-20℃/30min



External MaterialSUS#304 stainless steel plate/painted steel plate
Internal MaterialSUS#304, 316 stainless steel plate
Insulation MaterialPolyurethane waste foam (A: 50mm; B: 100mm; C: 150mm)




Structure System

Circulatory SystemMulti-Blade Fan Sirocco Fan
Heating SystemSUS#316 Stainless Steel High Efficiency Electric Heater
Humidification MethodSurface Evaporation
Refrigeration SystemCompressor + Fin Evaporator + Water-Cooled/Air-Cooled Condenser
Dehumidification MethodADP critical dew point cooling and dehumidification method
Control SystemTemperature and humidity controller (TEML.RKC.UNIQUE.OYO) + solid state relay
Other AccessoriesMultilayer tempered glass window, test hole (φ50mm), action indicator, interior lighting
Safety DevicesCircuit system load protection, compressor load protection, control system load protection, over-temperature load protection, warning light
Power SupplyAC 1φ / 3φ, 220V/380V±10%, 50/60HZ
RemarkCan be customized according to customer requirements to meet customer requirements


1. Machine group
2. Air treatment units
3. User Interface
4. Panel structure
5. Easy assembly on site
6. Easy disassembly, relocation and assembly of the equipment, if necessary

Standard Configuration:

1. Single door
2. Stainless steel floor with non-slip system
3. Mechanical closure
4. Digital thermostat with independent sensor
5. Ethernet and USB port


1. Heated inspection window
2. Double door
3. Notched porthole
4. Remote air-cooled condenser
5. Light modules
6. Optional Version:
A. Version for corrosion testing
B. Version for airbag shoot
C. Explosion-proof version
D. Version for vibration testing

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