STS Test Solution’s AIR HAST equipment, has been successfully developed to creates Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Environment to IEC60068-2-66 Standard.

ModelHAST 650HAST 450


Exterior housing dimensions

W(wide)1010 800 
H(high)1550 1300 
D(deep)1250 1050 
Heater CapacitySteam Generator 1.7kW
Test Chamber 1.3kW
Steam Generator 1.7kW
Test Chamber 1.3kW
Test Chamber size650Ø x 750Dmm (488L)400Ø x 550Dmm (220L)
Net WeightApprox.450kgApprox.310 kg
Power (AC 1ph 220V/240V 50/60Hz)6KW6KW
Effective Chamber size650Ø x 750Dmm (488L)400Ø x 550Dmm (220L)
Operation ModeProgram Mode and Fixed Mode
ProgramProgrammable up to 269 patterns, 50steps
Testing ModeHUM(unsaturated) and STD(saturated)
Temperature ControlPID / SSR


Testing Temperature

Temperature Range118.0~150.0˚C/65%RH
Temperature Control Accuracy±0.5˚C


Distribution Accuracy

±0.5˚C(at 100%RH)
±1.5˚C(at 100%RH)
Hmidity Range75 ~ 100%RH
Humidity Control Accuracy±3%RH(at 85%RH)
Press Range0.2~3㎏/㎝2 (0.05~0.296 MPa) (the pressure inside the chamber)
Test Range1min. ~ 999hrs. 59min.
Test TimeMax. 500hrs. Continuously
Time to Reach Rated TemperatureApprox. 30min. (Room temp.→120˚C, 85%RH)
Exhaust ModeMode Switch 1,2 and 3
Bias Terminal20per Chamber(125V up to total 30W)
ChamberStainless Steel SUS316L(Electro-polished)
Water SupplyAutomatic water supply from built-in Water Tank
Door SystemMotor-driven clamping system, with Sliding Tray


Safety Alarm Device

Pressure safety valve, Proof to overpressure, overheating and no-water heating,
Feed-water failure sensor, Electric leakage breaker (with OC), Breaker for heater,
Temperature fuse, Safety door system, Rated value Locking device, Sequence
control self-checking device, Hot water discharge system, Negative pressure
prevention device


Humidity resistance evaluation test for electronic components, customer required test results that correlate accurately to those from the field in a minimum amount of time

Standard Configuration:

1. Quickly uncover design weaknesses
2. Higher reliability of the product
3. Reduce field service and reduce warranty costs
4. Faster time to market and reduce development costs
5. Higher customer satisfaction

Standard Accessories:

1. Wet Bulb Sensor Pot, Drain hose : 2pc, Feed-water hose : 1pcs,Aux. feed-water, tank : 1pc, Lid gasket : 2pcs
2. Power SW Key : 2pcs(R8D : 4pcs)
3. Power cord : 4pcs(R8D : 2pcs)
4. Operation manual : 1pc

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