The medicine storage chamber is mainly used for storage of Medicine, Reagents, Vaccines, Biological Products, Blood Products, etc. The temperature range is 2-8℃ . It is constituted of Refrigeration system, Digital temperature control system, Air circulation system, Temperature sensor and other components. Put in the medicine and adjust the temperature to the best refrigerated temperature according to the required setting. When the temperature in the box is higher than the set temperature, the temperature will be automatically adjusted to the required temperature through the refrigeration system, and there will be an alarm of temperature overshoot.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)

Temperature Range(℃ )2 ~ 8℃2 ~ 8℃-20℃2 ~ 8℃-20℃
Capacity (L)15025040080010001600150150300300
RemarkSingle DoorSingle DoorSingle DoorDouble DoorDouble DoorDouble DoorABAB

1. Internal Capacity: 150 L~1600 L
2. Temperature Range: 2 ~ 8℃, Temperature Fluctuations:±1℃, Temperature Deviation: ±2.0℃
3. Temperature Controller: Original imported digital display controller, high precision, low drift
4. Refrigeration compressor: The original imported completely closed compressor, main and sub machine double work, long life, low noise
5. Data Printing: It can print temperature value and curve at the same time
6. Data Storage: It can store more than 1 year of historical temperature data
7. Live Alarm: Acoustic and optical alarm for temperature deviation
8. Remote Alarm: Remote SMS alarm (with power failure alarm), multiple devices can share one mobile phone card
9. Case Material: the inner container is made of mirror stainless steel 304, and the out shell is made of high quality steel plate
10. Dual Protection: Equipped with dual safety protection for main and deputy compressors
11. Safety Device: Compressor overheat protection, Compressor overpressure protection, Compressor overload protection and fan overheat protection
12. Power: AC 220 V±10% 50 HZ
13. Two sets of compressors are connected in parallel, divided into main and deputy compressors. When the main compressor is working, if the temperature inside the box exceeds 8 (indicating that the main compressor is abnormal), the system will automatically turn on the secondary compressor for refrigeration to maintain the operation of the equipment, and send SMS alarm at the same time

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