Environment Simulation Chamber for Vehicle Testing, The walk-in environment simulation chamber is widely used in automobiles, metrology and testing, aerospace and defense industries

Temperature range-70℃~150℃
Humidity range10%RH~98%RH
Related StandardsPV2005, PV1200, PV2205, PV2206, PR303.5, PR308.2, DBL5471 4.1.2


It has high reliability requirements, wide temperature and humidity range, comprehensive environmental parameters and complicated test conditions. The operator can enter the laboratory to operate the test article; It provides conditions for temperature and humidity environmental testing for batch or large parts, semi-finished products and finished products of industrial manufacturers

Standard Configuration:

The easy-to-transport and on-site installation of the assembled insulation board can provide various sizes and specifications according to the user’s needs; the scientific air circulation design makes the indoor temperature and humidity uniform and avoids any dead angle; each product is customized according to the customer’s requirements. It ensures the applicability of the equipment and is efficient and energy-saving; it saves energy and increases the unique refrigeration circuit.

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