In the STS climatic test chamber, not only the temperature but also the humidity stress factor can be simulated. The humidity is measured with a capacitive sensor which stands out for its high precision, lack of maintenance and long-term stability. Here too, the advantages of the above-described STS temperature test cabinets are of course valid.



Test space dimensions(mm)



Exterior housing dimensions(mm)






Temperature specification

Temperature range-70℃~180℃   (A:0℃~180℃;B:-20℃~180℃;C:-40℃~180℃;D:-70℃~180℃)
Temperature deviation±2.0℃
Temperature drop rate≤40 min(+20~-20℃), ≤60 min (+20~-40℃), ≤80 min (+20~-70℃)
Temperature rise rate≤40~60 min (-20~150℃), ≤40~60 min (-40~150℃), ≤45~80 min (-70~150℃)
Temperature fluctuation±0.5℃


Humidity specification

Humidity  range(20~98)%RH (20~85)℃
Humidity deviation±3.0%RH ±5.0%RH


1. Design by German engineer
2. Easy to use touch controller
3. Compact structure and casters for easy movement
4. Fog-free viewing window for easy viewing of product test conditions
5. Low power consumption to meet customer needs
6. Large air volume blowing system makes temperature distribution even
7. European Environmental refrigerant R449A
8. U air out and return way

Standard Configuration:

1. Inner Box Material: Stainless steel plate (1.0mm) SUS 304
2. Outer Box Material: Double-sided galvanized steel sheet (1.5mm), electrostatic spray treatment after surface treatment
3. Keep Warm Material: Fiber high temperature cotton + polyurethane foam
4. Compressor: Low noise scroll compressor or piston compressor
5. Heater: SUS304 stainless steel armored electric heating tube
6. Additional Features: Fault alarm and cause treatment prompt function: timing switch machine, power failure protection, user authority function
7. The touch controller is easy to operate and reduces programming time..
8. Two Φ100mm test holes are designed on the left and right sides to facilitate cable connection.
9. The compact structure and casters make it easy to move and equipped with adjustable support feet to determine the level of the test chamber.
10. The high air volume blowing system includes a powerful air circulation motor, which could provide excellent air flow inside the chamber, improved the controllability, temperature is more uniform, and could speed up the temperature changes of the test product


1. Entry ports Ø 50 mm, 80 mm and 125 mm
2. Shelves
3. Panoramic window incl. LED-Light
4. Hand-holes in the door
5. Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test specimen
6. Air dryer system
7. Mobile design
8. Temperature protection for test specimen
9. Water cooled refrigeration unit
10. Variable air speed in the test space
11. Notch
12. Other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB

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