The VACUUM CURE SYSTEM is the result of decades of experience in the design and manufacture of low particle ovens. These dependable systems provide complete removal of residual solvents, uniform temperature distribution, pressure control, a dry inert atmosphere, and precise management of heating and cooling rates.


1. Vacuum processing with excellent pressure control
2. Operating temperature: ambient to 450°C (optional high temperature version: ambient to 550°C)
3. Temperature uniformity: ± 5°C during dwell
4. Laminar gas flow parallel to the wafers
5. Pump and purge cycles to reduce O₂ content
6. Optional process management software: SEMI E5-0308 and SEMI E30-0307 compatible module

Standard Configuration:

1. Faster process: 3.5 hours vs 8+ hours
2. Laminar flow reduces/eliminates particles
3. Less than 10ppm O₂ concentration after 3 pump and purge cycles
4. More complete cure (5x less outgassing)
5. 1.6x to 2x less power and N₂ consumption
6. Much lower capital cost, 2-3x lower CoO


1. Polyimide/PBO cure
2. BCB bake
3. Low temp polymer cure
4. Copper anneal
5. Low-K dielectric cure


1. Advanced Packaging
2. CMOS Image Sensor
3. Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP)
4. Semiconductor Front-end Anneal and Degas
5. RF Devices

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