WALK-IN MEDICINE STABILITY TEST CHAMBER is one type large medicine stability test chamber, suitable for large capacity medicines or large medical research and development.




Test space dimensions(mm)




Exterior housing dimensions(mm)

Temperature range(℃)20 ~ 50
Humidity range(RH)40% ~ 90%
RemarkCustomizable humidity range: 25 ~ 90%RH


1. Test Method: Refer to GB/T 10586-2006, JJF1101-2003 environmental test equipment temperature and humidity calibration specification for technical conditions of hot and humid test chamber
2. Temperature Range: 20 ~ 50℃, Temperature Fluctuation:≤ ±0.5℃ , Temperature Deviation: ≤ ±1.0℃
3. Humidity Range: 40 ~ 90%RH, Humidity Deviation: ≤ ±3.0%RH (Customizable Humidity Range: 25 ~ 90%RH)
4. Test point can be choosed: 40℃ /75%RH, 25℃ /60%RH, 30℃ /65%RH (40℃ /25%RH, 25℃ /40%RH, 25℃ /60%RH)
5. Low Temperature Laboratory: The cool storage can be customized under 20℃ and 2 ~ 8℃ cold storage

Structural Specialty

1. Structure System: The newly airway system designed achieves uniform of temperature and humidity form different parts inside the chamber. The inner wall and duct plate are made of stainless steel 304. Observation window of hollow tempered glass with electrothermal film. Illumination lamp, control panel with running indicator light and MIL malfunction indicator lamp
2. Refrigerating System: Original imported refrigeration compressor unit with high performance, low noise and one work one back up
3. Control System: Original imported programmable chromatic touch screen controller, sensitive, small system error, Multi – stage program setting and multi-point accurate calibration function, With three level password
4. Humidity System: The world’s top VAISALA original imported humidity transducer with high precise,Low drift,Long-life and maintenance-free
5. Date System: Needle micro printer,SD card storage and online electronic recording
6. Alarm System: Sound-light alarm for temperature and humidity deviation, SMS alarm for remote temperature and humidity deviation and power failure, email alarm
7. Safety Device: The door is equipped with key safety lock and anti-reverse lock function to ensure the safety of users. The door frame is equipped with unique anti-condensation and anti-leakage device, compressor overload protection, water shortage protection, anti-dry burning protection system, independent over-temperature protection system
8. Other congfiguration: See technical proposal for details
9. Electronic recording system, Comply with the FDA 21 CFR Part Ⅱ law standard, Stable system performance, Audit tracking function, Three levels of user hierarchical authority management

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