Battery Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

1. EU New Ban

Since the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union passed the European Climate Law last year, European countries have further accelerated their green transition.

On June 8, the European Parliament formally passed the legislative proposal put forward by the European Commission in July last year to stop the sale of new fuel vehicles in the EU from 2035, and the ban also includes hybrid vehicles.

It is foreseeable that the future is definitely the era of electric vehicles. As the power source of electric vehicles, the safety and stability of the battery which is the heart of electric vehicles, is extremely important.

2.EU New Ban Influence

On the one hand, the New Ban can prompt the EU member states to vigorously develop electric vehicles and reduce the demand and dependence on ore resources, thereby promoting the rapid development of automotive batteries, posing higher challenges to their safety and stability, and improving automotive battery related issues. sales of testing equipment such as battery explosion-proof test chambers.

On the other hand, as electric vehicles have higher and higher requirements for batteries, they can also reversely promote the improvement and re-innovation of battery-related testing equipment, thereby promoting a virtuous development circle of the entire market.

3. STS Battery Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

3.1 Fufill Most Of International Standards

STS battery explosion-proof test chamber can meet the requirements of most test standards, such as IEC 62660-2, SAE J2464, IEC 60086-4, UL 1642, UN Lithium Battery Testing, IEC 61960, IEC 62133, UL 2054, IEEE 1625, IEEE 1725, Automotive test standard LV 124.

3.2 Accurate and stable test accuracy guarantees:

A. Optimum test safety through EUCAR hazard class (0-7) coordination
B. Provide a variety of safety devices according to customer specifications
C. Modular design, test room size can be realized according to customer requirements

3.3 Intimate, reliable and timely after-sales service.

After receiving your inquiry, our after-sales staff will reply within 24 hours. We can provide email reply, telephone return visit and video conference to answer and deal with after-sales problems to ensure your after-sales problems. can be dealt with satisfactorily.

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