Battery Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

With the development of the economy and society, the development of electric vehicles is getting faster and faster, and people are paying more and more attention to the safety testing of automobile batteries. Then, the two test standards mentioned in this article are commonly used in battery safety testing—standard test.

What is UN 38.3 Test Standard?

 UN38.3: Classification in dangerous goods classes

 Standard UN38.3 is based on the transport regulations for dangerous goods and describes the tests for classifying energy storage devices in hazardous goods classes. It is a valid worldwide standard binding for all manufacturers of electrical energy storage devices.

What is LV124 Test Standard?

1. Overview:

 LV 124 is a quality and reliability test standard jointly established by German automotive manufacturers in 2013.

 2. The standard consists:

 Part 1: Electrical requirements and tests

 Part 2: Environmental requirements and tests

 3. Applicable Range:

 LV 124 applies to in-vehicle electric components for the 12V electrical system; Electric, electronic, and mechatronic components and systems.

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