Attention Matters Before the Testing Of Walk-In Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Walk-In Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Walk-in constant temperature humidity test chamber is suitable for testing the parts of the whole machine or large mechanical equipment, including but not limited to low temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature changes, constant damp heat, high and low temperature alternating damp heat and other environmental simulation tests. The size and function of the test chamber can be adjusted according to user requirements. The body of the test chamber is a block type, with a beautiful and elegant shape, and a scientific and reasonable air duct design, which can meet the needs of different customers.

Walk-in constant temperature humidity test chamber adopts touch screen PLC, making it suitable for various industries and fields, including but not limited to aviation, aerospace, military, automobile, electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, machinery, universities, scientific research units, etc. Walk-in constant temperature humidity test chamber can also be used in the defense industry, aerospace industry, automated auto parts, electronic and electrical devices, plastics, pharmaceutical industry and related products for heat and cold resistance testing, and to determine the parameters and performance changes of electronic and electrical, materials and other products after different simulated environmental tests.

At the same time, in various production and R&D industries, it could provide a large temperature and humidity test environment space for large parts, semi-finished products and finished products. It is suitable for test of equipment with a large number of products and large volumes.

Walk-in constant temperature humidity test chamber needs to pay attention to the following matters before the testing:

  1. Before starting the walk-in constant temperature humidity test chamber, check whether the power supply is stable;
  2. In order to prevent electric shock or misoperation and failure, please do not turn on the power before the installation and wiring are completed;
  3. In order to avoid machine failure of the test chamber, please provide a power supply within the rated voltage range;
  4. The test box is a non-explosion-proof product, so it is impossible to use it in an environment with flammable or explosive gas;
  5. Please try not to open the door of the test chamber when it is working. Opening the door at high temperature time may cause burns to the operator, and opening the door at low temperature time may cause frostbite to the operator, and may cause the evaporator to freeze, affecting the walk-in constant temperature humidity test chamber refrigerating effect. If it must be opened, please take precautions in advance.
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