SSD manufacturer have an immediate need for a test system that is able to test SSDs as standard generic drives, but to also test for unique SSD drive failure modes and attributes of the underlying solid state technology.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)

Temperature RangeRT+15℃~100℃
Temperature Fluctuation±1℃
Temperature Uniformity±5℃
Heating Rate5℃/min (RT+5℃~130℃±2℃)
Time Setting 0~999H(Can be set arbitrarily)
PerformanceBalanced temperature control system (BTC), which controls the SSR by PID, so that the heating capacity of the system is equal to the heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time
Maximum Simultaneous Measurable Quantity200 Pieces




Machine Sheet Metal Structure

Inner Box MaterialUsing SUS304 and 1.2 thick stainless steel plate
Outer Box MaterialCold-Rolled Steel Plate, Galvanized Anti-Rust Treatment, With High-Grade Resin Paint Coating
Insulation MaterialHard Imported Rock Wool (Sisle 120K Rock Wool)
HeaterFin-Type Heat Pipe Stainless Steel Electric Heater (Taiwan Taizhan Nickel-Chromium Alloy Wire)





Safety Protection Device

Over Temperature Protection Function
Motor Overcurrent Protection
Leakage Protection
Machine Phase Loss Protection
Power Overload Protection
Sound And Light Alarm

Whole Test System Functions:

1. Support Maximum Simultaneous Measurable Quantity is 800 pieces.
2. 100 sets of PCB burn-in boards, each with 8 SSDs, that is, 800 pieces; divided into two turnover trolleys
3. Power supply AC/DC5V 1200W, power of each product: 5V, 5A
4. All SSD products are carried by the test trolley, which can be pulled out and separated from the test box; 2 turnover trolleys
5. Internal temperature hot air circulation, entering from the left and right sides, and returning air at the top of the middle
6. There are fully automatic fresh air inlets on the left and right sides. When the temperature of the product in the inner box exceeds the temperature, the middle exhaust fan is forced to exhaust the air.
7. There are 5 monitoring points for the temperature of the inner box, the upper, middle and lower parts are displayed locally, and the main control temperature point is 1
8. The product has 80 voltage monitoring points and 80 current monitoring points

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