STS-160-45CP-3 Model 3-Zone Test Chamber is one customised temperature test chamber. From the inner dimensions of each layer, Temperature Ranges of each layer, Temperature Fluctuation, Temperature Deviation to Temperature Uniformity, Heating and Cooling Speed, all of the above could be customised.

PositionUper LayerMiddle LayerLower Layer


Test Space Dimensions



Exterior Housing Dimensions





Temperature Specification

Temperature Range– 45 °C ~ 150 °C– 45 °C ~ 150 °C– 70 °C ~ 150 °C
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5°C
Temperature Deviation±2°C
Temperature Uniformity±2°C
Heating Speed25°C~150°C about 30mins((Nonlinear, no load.) 
Cooling Speed20°C~–40°Cabout 40mins((Nonlinear, no load.) 
Power Specification3Φ 380V 50HZ 3.5KW3Φ 380V 50HZ 3.5KW1Φ 220V 50HZ 4.3KW

Standard Configuration:

1. 3 zone chambers
2. Could Continuously work and no frost
3. Dry air system
4. Three shelves for each chamber
5. Easy to use touch controller
6. Compact structure and casters for easy movement
7. Fog-free viewing window for easy viewing of product test conditions
8. Low power consumption to meet customer needs
9. Suitable air volume blowing system makes temperature distribution even

Main Accessories:

1. Could change temp. Range according to your test request
2. Could change size Range according to your test request
3. Entry ports Ø 50 mm, 80 mm and 125 mm
4. Shelves
5. Panoramic window, multiple glazed, sized 570 x 710 mm; ≥ 200 ltr., incl. LED-Light
6. Hand-holes in the door
7. Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test specimen reversible to controller function
8. Air dryer system
9. Mobile design
10. Temperature protection for test specimen
11. Water cooled refrigeration unit
12. Variable air speed in the test space
13. Sample data
14. Other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB
15. Customized inner size according to customer request.

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