The new series of STS vibration test cabinets offers you a lot of further options in addition to a wide range of standard equipment. Whether vibrations are vertical or horizontal, the modular, standardized assembly can be combined with all shaker types and adapted to your test requirements. We do of course also continue to supply custom sizes on request.

Test Space Capacity(L)500608100015003000Special sizes possible


Temperature Range(°C)

-20 °C ~ +180 °C
-40 °C ~ +180 °C
-70 °C ~ +180 °C
Temperature Change Rates2 to 20 K/min
Humidity Range10 – 95 % RH


Using a climatic chamber for vibration tests allows the specimen to be subjected to a combination of different tests, such as: vibrations, temperature variations and climatic variations. This type of test is used to evaluate the resistance of components and equipment to combined climatic and mechanical stresses that can affect performance in conditions of normal use

Standard Configuration:

1. Inspection window
2. Internal light
3. Mechanical lock
4. Removable floor


1. Additional portholes
2. Electromagnetic door lock
3. Floor for horizontal vibrations
4. Panoramic window
5. Air dryer system
6. Temperature protection for test-specimen
7. CID software for programming and documentation
8. ETHERNET interface RJ 45
9. Mobile design
10. Horizontal and/or vertical
11. Vibration Height-adjustable test
12. Other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB

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