Our benchtop high and low temperature test chambers series has environmental test performance and compact design. The internal volume reaches 24L and 36L, and the temperature range of -70 ° C to + 150 ° C provides ideal conditions to test the extreme temperature of the test specimen. The environmental testing room is designed to provide users with a compact unit for testing small components and products.



Test space dimensions(mm)

W(wide)300 300 
H(high)400 400 
D(deep)200 300 


Exterior housing dimensions(mm)

W(wide)500 500 
H(high)900 920 
D(deep)600 700 
Temperature range– 70 ~+150°C
Humidity range20 ~95%RH
Capacity(L)24 36 


1. Design by German engineer
2. Easy to use touch controller
3. Compact structure and casters for easy movement
4. Fog-free viewing window for easy viewing of product test conditions
5. Low power consumption to meet customer needs
6. European Environmental refrigerantR449A

Standard Configuration:

1. Capacitive Multi-Touch-Display in the front
2. USB-Connection to save measuring data on USB Stick
3. Ethernet-Interface
4. Adjustable software-temperature-limiter min/max
5. Shelf, stainless steel
6. Entry port Ø 50 mm on the right side and left side


1. Entry ports Ø 50 mm, 80 mm und 100 mm
2. Rack incl. 1 or 2 shelves
3. Table
4. Window, multiple glazed
5. Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test specimen reversible to controller function
6. Air dryer system
7. Temperature protection for test specimen
8. CID software for programming and documentation
9. Variable air speed in the test space
10. Notch
11. Other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB

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