Installation Site Requirements

1. Temperature Of the Installation Site

The ambient temperature of the installation site cannot change too much, and the environment that is hot and cold will definitely have a certain impact on the test of the test chamber; In order to give full play to the characteristics and functions of the test chamber, an installation site with a temperature of 15~25°C, a humidity of not more than 85% and good ventilation conditions should be selected.

2. Separation Distance And Noise

If there are multiple devices to be installed in the same site, the distance between each device must be greater than 100 cm. When installing, the device should try to keep the distance from indoor walls and other obstructions, at least 50 cm; The customer said that there will be noise when the test chamber is running, at this time, it should be considered whether the test chamber installed and placed stable, or whether the installation site is stable. Such instability will produce noise and affect the test results accuracy.

3. Protection To Test Chamber

The test chamber should not be exposed to the sun. Long-term exposure will cause the temperature of the case of the test chamber to be too high, which will affect the overall sealing performance of the test chamber; the test chamber should be kept away from flammable, explosive, chemicals and high-temperature heat sources to avoid potential safety hazards; The normal power socket should not be too far away from the test chamber, because the power cord of the test chamber is short and cannot be stretched for a long time, which will easily shorten the service life of the power cord.

4. Test Chamber Installation Site Dust Protection

Try to install the test chamber in a place with no or less dust. Too much dust is easy to adhere to the parts, for example, if it adheres to the fan, the fan will not work normally, causing difficulty in heat dissipation; if it adheres to the circuit, the circuit is easily short-circuited, etc. All of those problems will affect the temperature uniformity of the box and the service life of the fan.

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