The STS temperature/climatic stress screening test cabinets can achieve high change rates of up to 30 K/min. with conventional cooling technology thanks to amplified compressors and a strong fan capacity. By this means, STS offers optimised output with low consumption figures and attractive prices. Thus, the limits of your test item can be determined more quickly.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)





Temperature Specification(mm)

Temperature Range-70℃~180℃
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature Deviation±2.0℃
Temperature Rise/Drop Time(5~25) ℃/min

Humidity Specification

Humidity Range(20~98)%RH
Humidity Deviation±3.0%RH    ±5.0%RH
Room Environment RequirementTemperature: (5~36)℃
Humidity: (0~85)% RH
Air pressure: (86~106)Kpa


1. Extremely high temperature change rates
2. Capacitive Multi-Touch-Display in the front
3. Shelf, stainless steel
4. Entry port Ø 100 mm on the left and right side
5. Single-hand operated door handle, lockable
6. Low consumption data
7. User-friendly operation and programming
8. Service-friendly capacitive humidity measurement system

Standard Configuration:

1. Adjustable software-temperature-limiter min./max
2. Ethernet-Interface
3. USB-Connection to save measuring data on USB Stick
4. Uniform operation due to identical Multi-Touch-Display for all chamber sizes
5. Demineralized water system with level indicator
6. Temperature measuring with Pt 100 in air inlet and air outlet
7. Service-friendly construction
8. International standards are fulfilled (CE-Conformity)


1. Shelves
2. Panoramic window
3. Hand-holes in the door
4. Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test specimen reversible to controller function
5. Air dryer system
6. Mobile design
7. Air/water cooled refrigeration unit
8. Temperature protection for test specimen
9. CID software for programming and documentation
10. Variable air speed in the test space
11. Notch
12. Other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB

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