STS-GS/CGS Double Door medicine Stability Testing Chamber, two case independent control, A Chamber has three functions: temperature, humidity and illumination. At the same time with visible light and near ultraviolet lamp tube,and can timely record the visible light and near ultraviolet irradiance. B Chamber onlycan control temperature and humidity, Function of illumination can be optional.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)

Capacity L(liter)150150250250150150250250300300
Temperature Range( °C )10 ~ 6515 ~ 65
Humidity  Range( RH )40 ~ 95%

1. The newly airway system designed achieves uniform of temperature and humidity form different parts inside the chamber; Polyurethane foam technology is adopted, with good heat preservation and moisture retention performance
2. The original imported VAISALA humidity sensor with high accuracy, low drift, long life and maintenance free
3. Original imported fully enclosed industrial compressor, high efficiency, low noise, ensure the long-term continuous peration of equipment
4. The original imported programmable chromatic touch screen controller, sensitive, Small system error, Multi – stage program setting and multi – point accurate calibration function, With three level password
5. There is a 25 mm diameter test hole on the left side of the box. Door lock and mobile caster can be locked
6. The liner is made of mirror stainless steel 304, no pollution source, easy to clean
7. GMP Quality assured dual data acquisition system: Standard needle printer can print the model and serial number of the equipment to meet reach the requirements of data integrity and consistency; SD card storage, can store more than 5 years of electronic text data; Free software,SD card data can be imported into the computer system
8. CGS Illumination measurement standard with visible light sensor and near ultraviolet sensor, independent frequency conversion control, visible light and near ultraviolet are automatically printed and stored
9. Safety device: Compressor overheat and overpressure overload protection, water shortage protection, dry burning protection system, independent overtemperature protection alarm system
10. Alarm system: Sound-light alarm for temperature and humidity deviation, SMS alarm for remote temperature and humidity deviation and power failure
11. Power: AC 220 V±10% 50 HZ; Environment temperature: +5 ~ 35℃
12. When there is no light working, Temperature Fluctuation: ≤ ±0.5℃; Temperature Deviation: ≤ ±1.0℃; Humidity Deviation: ≤ ±3%RH
13. CGS series : A with function of illumination, Illumination Range: 100 ~ 8000 LUX. Near Ultraviolet Range: 0.84 ~ 5w / ㎡

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