STS-TPS/LTPS Strong-Photo Stability Test Chamber, Equipped with visible and near ultraviolet lamp tube, It can independently control the type of light source. And it also can print and record the visible light and near ultraviolet radiation in real time. Visible light and near ultraviolet can be directly set, automatically adjusted and precisely controlled.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)

Temperature Range(℃ )15 ~ 502 ~ 30
Capacity (L)160250400500800160250400
Illumination RangeVisible light: 100 ~ 8000 LUX
NUV: 0.84 ~ 5w / ㎡
Visible light: 100 ~ 5000 LUX
NUV: 0.84 ~ 1w / ㎡

1. With reasonable top design of light source, the sample of different position of shelf has good uniformity of receiving light source irradiation
2. The original imported fully enclosed industrial compressor, high efficiency, low noise, ensure the long-term continuous operation of equipment
3. The liner is made of mirror stainless steel 304, no pollution source, easy to clean
4. Equipped with GMP alarm system, Equipped with data acquisition system in compliance with GMP requirements, Standard needle printer and USB flash drive storage
5. Strong-Photo Stability Test Chamber(TPS/LTPS Series) Meet the ICHQ1B guidelines, the 2015 chemotherapeutics guidelines
6. Open the light, Temperature Fluctuation:<±1.0℃; Temperature deviation of the same layer: <±2.0℃
7. The total illumination is not less than 1.2×106 Lux•hr; Near ultraviolet energy is not less than 200 w•hr/ ㎡
8. Note: TPST series is color touch screen controller

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