STS Low-Pressure Test Chamber equipped with vacuum special composite pressure insulation material to ensure the simulation test conditions fulfill the standard. The refrigeration system, waterway system and electric control system of the box have been modularized and separated for safe and reliable layout.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)









Temperature Range (℃)(-70~160) ℃
Pressure Range (kPa)Atmospheric pressure ~ 0.5
Temperature Fluctuation (℃)±0.3℃ (when atmospheric pressure)
Temperature Deviation (℃)±2.0℃ (when atmospheric pressure)
Pressure Deviation (kPa)≤±0.1kPa(≤2kPa),≤±5kPa(2~40kPa),≤±2kPA(d≥40kPa)


Heating Up Time

(25~160)℃ ≤60min(when atmospheric pressure)
≤45min (when atmospheric pressure)≤60min (when atmospheric pressure)≤60min (when atmospheric pressure)≤90min (when atmospheric pressure)


Cooling Time

(Atmospheric pressure~0.1) kPa (dry in atmospheric chamber)
Quick Pressure ReliefThe test chamber is rapidly relieved from 75kPa to 18.8 within 15min (meet the rapid pressure relief function of GJB150.2a)
Temperature And Humidity Control ModeBTCH balance temperature mode




Inner Box MaterialStainless steel plate SUS304
Outer Box MaterialThe outer box is made of manganese steel, the surface is sprayed with plastic, and the shell is pressure bearing
InsulationVacuum special composite pressure insulation material
Using The EnvironmentTemperature:(5~36) ℃, Humidity: (30~85) %RH, Air pressure:(86~106) kPa




FanMagnetic coupling drive shaft flow fan
RefrigeratorLow noise piston compressor or scroll compressor
HeaterImported nickel-chromium alloy electric heating wire, wall heater











Controller System

Touch Screen + PLC7.0″, 800×480 resolution, mixed   output PLC
Operation ModeConstant value operation, program operation, timing operation
Setting MethodSimplified Chinese + English, touch input
Program Capacity96 groups of programs, each group of 102 segments, 9999 cycles can be set, the program has a link function
Predetermined AreaAccording to the maximum range of equipment performance, adjust  ±5.0℃
Display ResolutionTemperature: 0.01℃, humidity range: 0.1%RH(humidity device), time: s
SensorPT100 (platinum resistance)
Way To ControlLow temperature cold balance +   anti-integral saturation PID + self-tuning
Curve RecordWith the function of saving data, you can swipe to browse the data and grab pictures on the screen
Additional FeaturesFault alarm and cause treatment prompt function: timing switch machine, power failure protection, user authority function


Communication Function

Support RS485, LAN (network port), GPRS   (mobile phone) and other communication methods, convenient for remote   monitoring, data collection: IBM PC compatible machine, PII or higher CPU,   128M or higher memory, simplified Chinese version of the operating system



Data Collection

1.Equipped with a USB interface, it can   save 3 months of curve data, and can download historical curves and   historical data
2.Can replace the recorder, built-in large storage space, continuous 24 hours   of power on can save 3 months of data, sampling time is 1 minute, can replace   computer storage, users can export historical data (time optional), generate   CSV format file
3.Connect to PC (optional)—record experimental data through computer   monitoring software, display curves, and PC can be used as a remote terminal   to realize remote monitoring
Circulating Water Flow(t/h)
Power Supply(V)/(Hz)AC voltage 380V±38V Frequency   50Hz±0.5Hz   Three-phase four-wire + grounding protection
Power(kW)VTL: 15     VTH:8VTL: 20     VTH: 10VTL: 20     VTH: 10VTL: 28    VTH: 18
Standard Configuration1 vacuum special electric heating   observation window, 1 lamp, 1 multi-action inflatable brake, 1 sample power terminal, 2 sets of sample rack, 1 external pressure test port
Safety DeviceLeakage switch, motor, compressor, phase   sequence, over temperature protection functions

1: With window design, it is convenient to observe the status of the test sample in the box.
2: Adopt vacuum special composite pressure insulation material.
3: Unique door lock design, easy to operate, good sealing.
4: Lead holes are opened on both sides of the equipment to facilitate placement of measuring instruments and leads on both sides of the equipment.
5: The inner box is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The outer box is made of manganese steel, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spray.
6: The refrigeration system, waterway system and electric control system of the box have been modularized and separated for safe and reliable layout.
7: Unique air supply mode in the box adopts 45 degrees oblique downward air supply, so that the temperature in the box quickly and evenly distributed.
8: Refrigerants System: Using R404A and R23 refrigerants, Condenser for long-term reliable operation, intelligent control system, Famous Brand Copeland, Bock or Bizel compressor, Standardized modules for easy installation, debugging and maintenance

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