STS Single-Axis Low Pressure Climatic Test Chamber equipped with single-axis turntable test device, it could extend the simulation test environment to fulfill more and more complex test requirements. Various Safety Measures could ensure the test environment safety.



STS SC7506STS SC7512STS SC7525STS SC7550STS SC75100
STS ST7506STS ST7512STS ST7525STS ST7550STS ST75100
Standard VolumeL601252505001000


Test Space Dimensions



Exterior Housing Dimensions

Temperature Range°C-75℃~+150℃ (Can Be Customized According To User Requirements)
Temperature Performance Index°CFluctuation: ±0.5; Uniformity: 2.0 (With Table No-Load Test, Within The Effective Uniform Area); Deviation: ±2.0
Heating And Cooling Rate°C/Min-02: ≥2.0; -05: ≥5.0; (With Table Top No-Load Test, Test Range: +85℃~-55℃)
Running Noise-02/-0562/64db(A)63/67db(A)70/72db(A)72/75db(A)73/75db(A)
Installed Power-02/-052.5/4.0kw5.0/7.0kw7.0/12.0kw8.0/12.5kw14.5/21.0kw
Chamber WeightKg250280350520950
Power System380±10%Ac, 50hz, 3l+N+G, Independent Power Supply, Separate Air Switch Should Be Installed, Well Grounded
Table DiameterMM≤φ300mm≤φ400mm≤φ500mm≤φ650mm≤φ850mm
Vibration Isolation PlatformMarble vibration isolation platform, the marble countertop and the base are connected and fixed by a height-adjustable bracket
Box And Turntable ConnectionA flexible seal is used between the bottom of the box and the turntable/platform through the shaft hole



Product Configuration

Observation WindowW260 X H260mmW315 X H315mmW345 X H435mmW440 X H600mmW440 X H600mm
Test HoleThe left and right sides of the box are equipped with 1 lead hole, and equipped 2 silicone plugs at all
Control DeviceFull English High-Brightness Touch Screen—Imported Programmable Controller

Main Material:

Liner Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

Outer Wall Material: Cold-Rolled Steel Plate, Surface Electrostatic Spray

Insulation Material: Superfine Glass Wool + Polyurethane Foam

Sealing Material: Imported High And Low Temperature Resistant Silicone Sealing Strip

The Main Components:

Compressor: Imported Compressor

Refrigeration Accessories: Danfoss, Emerson, Castel, Seguro Palace

Controller: Programmable Controller

Circulation Fan: High-Silent Machine + Stainless Steel Impeller

Refrigeration And Control:

Refrigeration System: Single Compressor Refrigeration System (SMRC)

Communication Interface: RS232 Communication Interface, USB Data Interface

Operation Mode: Customized Operation, Program Operation

Program Capacity: 10 Program Groups, Each Group Can Set 100-Step Program.

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