STS Multi-Axis Low Pressure Climatic Test Chamber equipped with multi-axis turntable test device, it could extend the simulation test environment to fulfill more and more complex test requirements. Various Safety Measures could ensure the test environment safety.



STS DC6012STS DC6020STS DC6025STS DC6035
STS TC6012STS TC6020STS TC6025STS TC6035
Standard VolumeL125200250350


Test Space Dimensions



Exterior Housing Dimensions

Temperature Range°C-60℃~+85℃ (Can Be Customized According To User Requirements)

Temperature Performance Index

°CFluctuation: ≤±0.5; Uniformity: ≤2.0 (With Table No-Load Test, Within The Effective Uniform Area); Deviation: ≤±2.0
Heating And Cooling Rate°C/Min-02: ≥2.0; -05: ≥5.0; (With Table Top No-Load Test, Test Range: +85℃~-55℃)
Running Noise-02/-0562/64db(A)63/67db(A)65/70db(A)70/72db(A)
Installed Power-02/-056.0/9.0kw7.0/12.5kw7.5/13.5kw9.5/15.0kw
Chamber WeightKg160200240310

Power System

380±10%Ac, 50hz, 3l+N+G, Independent Power Supply, Separate Air Switch Should Be Installed, Well Grounded
Table DiameterMM≤400mm≤500mm≤550mm≤650mm
Corner RangeInner Ring: Continuous Rotation; Outer Ring: ±90°/±180°/Continuous Rotation
Box And Turntable ConnectionBottom Frame Connection/U-Frame Connection



Product Configuration

Observation WindowW350 X H350mm
Rotary DeviceCompact Low-Damping Dual-Channel Rotary Head; Equipped With Extended Shaft Anti-Condensation Device
Control Device10-Inch Full English High-Brightness Touch Screen—Imported Programmable Controller

Optional Configuration:

Remote Control Software

Dry Air Blowing System

Movable Humidity Sensor

Environmental Requirements:

Ambient Temperature: 5℃~30℃; Relative Humidity: ≤85%RH

No Strong Vibration, Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding; No Dust And Corrosive Substances Around

The Distance Between The Equipment And The Surrounding Airtight Surface Is ≮ 1 Meter, And The Ventilation Is Good

Water-Cooled Type (-W): Water Temperature ≤30℃, Water Pressure 0.3~0.5mpa, Water Quality Meets Industrial Water Standards

Safety Measures:

Electrical Protection: Leakage Protection, Overload Protection

Refrigeration System: Overpressure Protection, Overheating (Load) Protection, Working Medium Leakage Alarm

Circulation System: Fan Overheating (Load) Protection, Heater Overheating Protection

Specimen System: Multiple Over-Temperature Protection, Program Operation Protection, Temperature Warning.

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