SSD manufacturer have an immediate need for a test system that is able to test SSDs as standard generic drives, but to also test for unique SSD drive failure modes and attributes of the underlying solid state technology.



Test Space Dimensions(mm)



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)

Temperature RangeRT+15℃~100℃
Temperature Fluctuation±0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity±2℃
Heating Rate5℃/min (RT~130℃±2℃)
Time Setting 0~999H(Can be set arbitrarily)
Environmental FacilitiesAllowable working environment temperature≤35℃
Supply and drainage water pressure: none
Air supply air pressure: none
Maximum Simultaneous Measurable Quantity200 Pieces



Safety Protection Device

Over Temperature Protection Function
Motor Overcurrent Protection
Machine Phase Loss Protection
Troubleshooting Alert

Whole Test System Functions:

1. Support the customization of SATA mass production test pieces, such as 200 pieces.
2. Support (RT+15℃~100℃) test
3. Support abnormal power failure test and aging test
4. Support automatic temperature control test
5. Support all the use of software for intelligent control testing
6. Support the customization of testing software
7. Support the balance of wind speed and temperature in the box
8. Support rapid heating and cooling control
9. Support customized R&D for PCIE/EMMC/UFS/DRAM/Flash aging
10. Support network control, you can control the test in different places and see the test results
11. Support APP remote control test

Four Mainly Functions of the Test Software:

1. SATA Protocol Test

For the documentation of the SATA protocol, we have developed a complete test script, covering SATA configuration space registers, SATA registers, Admin commands, IO commands, PRP, queues, interrupts, initialization, etc.

2. Industry Standard Testing

Based on IOWorker, we provide a very flexible and stable performance test and reliability test solution, covering various read and write modes and test processes defined by standards such as SNIA and JEDEC, and can count IO bandwidth, delay, consistency and other data. Using Python’s third-party graphics library, we can output professional test charts and reports

3. R&D Regression Testing

SSD development and test engineers can quickly construct new test scripts using the Python interface and various test templates we provide, helping development engineers reproduce and locate problems. Using third-party CI tools, users can implement the process of agile development

4. Error Injection Test

With the help of third-party power control devices, our test scripts can inject various errors into the SSD device on the SATA data link, and can realize operations such as abnormal power failure, hot plugging, signal glitches, and voltage biasing. The software can also inject various illegal commands and register accesses, and cooperate with different IOWorkers to achieve a large stress test on SATA devices (this part of the test recommends room temperature)

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