VOC emission test chamber allows for highly accurate and affordable VOC chamber testing in the automotive industry, and is fully compliant with the requirements of common European and international.


1. Missions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are common in car interiors and can cause illnesses. They thus represent a continuous risk to the health of passengers
2. The emissions in new or almost-new cars are often between 800 and 4000 g/h and increase under certain conditions such as excessive heat. This range of concentrations represents a challenge for test procedures, as the results can vary depending on external ambient conditions

Standard Configuration:

1. Compact test chamber
2. Low-emission test chamber (purity in the molecular range)
3. Elimination of contamination from the surroundings
4. Very minimal adsorption and absorption effects
5. Connections possible to all standard analysis devices


1. Atmospheric sampler
2. Activated carbon filter
3. Silicone tube


We generally support customer 1 m³ VOC but also could according to customer’s request

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