The Thermal Test System temperature forcing systems bring precise thermal testing capabilities directly to your test application, exactly localizing to where thermal conditioning temperature cycling is required. ThermalAir system provide flexible thermal test solutions for an array of products and technologies.

An Evolution in Localized Temperature Testing Equipment instead of taking your test parts that need temperature conditioning to a large oven or large environmental test chamber. our thermal test system allows you to perform your temperature profiling right where you need it at your test bench, on your production floor or in your test laboratory.The ThermalAir is a compact, portable bench top environmental heating and cooling temperature forcing air stream system.



Exterior Housing Dimensions(mm)




Temperature Specification

Temperature Range180℃ ~ -50℃200℃ ~ -60℃200℃ ~ -75℃
Impact Range85 to -40℃85 to -55℃85 to -65℃
Temperature Change Rate≤10s(Air Temperature)≤12s(Air Temperature)≤30s(Air Temperature)
Temperature Resolution0.1℃



Cooling and Defrosting Specification

Cooling SystemSelf-Cascade
Cooling MethodAir-Cooled
Defrost CycleAbout 15 Days
Glass Cover Size140mm Height: 55mm (Inner Diameter)






Operating Parameters



Working Mode

High Temperature-Normal Temperature-Low Temperature
High Temperature-Low Temperature
High Temperature-Normal Temperature
Low Temperature-Normal Temperature
Custom Programming
Operating ModeProcedure/Fixed Value
Testing ModeAir Mode/Sample Mode
Intake Pressure5.0KG-7.5KG (Temperature 15℃-25℃) Oil Content ≤0.01PPM
Boom Range1500mm
HMI7 Inch 800*480 Dot Matrix TFT Color LCD Monitor



Power Circuit System

Power SupplySingle Phase, 220V50HZ, 26A
Maximum Power5.2KW5.5KW5.8KW
Maximum Current26A28A30A
Intake Pressure5.0KG-7.5KG(Temperature 15℃-25℃)


1. The ThermalAir series of products have a wide range of temperature test capabilities. Benchtop -60°C to+200C applications to temperature cycling -80C to +225°C environmental stress test. The series are used for temperature testing in engineering product development test labs and production test floors for semiconductor IC devices and all kinds of electronic / non-electronic components and other parts and assemblies
2. The built-in air dryer and filtering system sends clean dry air(CDA) through its powerful internal chiller / heat exchanger to delivers hot & cold temperatures from -80°C up to+225°C
3. User can control ThermalAir output temperature flow rate from 4 to 25 SCFM
(Continuous Gas Flow from -80℃ to +225°℃
24hrs/7days a week)!The ThermalAir temperature system is all self-contained. You just plug it in and it’s ready to start thermal testing your parts. [No configuration required].
4. The main temperature control of the chamber is at the temperature thermocouple in the outputgas nozzle.This is AIR MODE temperature control.The chamber has a thermocouple imbeddedin the tip of the outputgas nozzle and needs no additional attached thermocouple sensors to control temperature of the ThermalAir system
5. No need to rewrite test programs
6. Compatible with Legacy Products
Optional function: Auto Start Test & End of Test for automatic temperature cycling Hot-Cold-Ambient temperature, all this makes for simple control and service ability


1. Thermal Glass Caps
2. Thermal test Hood
3. Remote Interface Ports
4. IEEE-488
5. RS232C
6. 4 USB-Type A
7. 1 USB-Type B
8. Ethernet
11. Labview Drivers
12. Plug & Play Remote

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